Friday, 29 July 2011

Hall Pass: Blu Ray Review

Hall Pass: Blu Ray Review

Hall Pass
Rating: R16
Released by Warner Bros

The guys behind There's Something About Mary bring us a new comedy where a couple of dudes get given a week off their marital obligations to do whatever they want.

Owen Wilson is Rick, who's been married to high school sweetheart Maggie (Fischer); Jason Sudeikis is Fred, married to Christina Applegate's Grace.

The pair love their wives but are constantly on the look out whenever anything female crosses their paths.

So, sick of their visual straying, the wives grant them a "hall pass", a magic ticket for a week off marriage and any obligations so these guys can get their urges out.

I'm no prude but this uneven and at times flat and unfunny film feels like it tries to shock simply because it's a Farrelly Brothers' joint. It does little to propel what plot there is along and simply serves to show the guys can still offend and gross out if they so desire.

Owen Wilson is likeable enough as the middle aged schlub who actually loves his wife and can't cut it when "back on the scene" - and when paired with Sudeikis, the duo are completely clueless when it comes to the dating game

Hall Pass is probably one for the boys with some beers - a couple of humourous moments but overall, way too patchy for a great night in.

Extras: Extended cut plus gag reel - about what you'd expect

Rating: 4/10 

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