Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rango: Blu Ray Review

Rango: Blu Ray Review

Rango Blu Ray
Released by Universal Home Entertainment

Johnny Depp stars as a chameleon with an identity crisis in this zanily brilliant computer animated outing.

Depp's pet chameleon finds his life changed one day on a road trip when he's flung out onto a desert road by accident.

Stripped of his life inside his terrarium, the chameleon finds himself in the Wild West, in the town of Dirt.

Being of an actorly bent, the chameleon reinvents himself as Rango, and finds himself thrust into the role of Sheriff for Dirt.

But Dirt's got a problem - they're running out of water, the only commodity that talks in the town - and so Sheriff Rango sets out to try and save the day when their only source is stolen.
Rango is insane, loony and beautifully animated.

A film about critters and lizards it may be - but the level of detail in the animation of the characters and their depth is to die for.
The story takes a little bit of time to get going - but there's some genuine zaniness in some of the lines uttered by Rango and there are plenty of nods to westerns in general as well as a major tribute to Clint Eastwood.

Stick with Rango - despite its slightly unusual opening, its oddball nature appeals and never irritates.

Extras: Deleted scenes, storyboarding, behind the scenes docos and interactive trip to Dirt

Rating: 8/10

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