Thursday, 20 October 2011

Snowtown: Blu Ray Review

Snowtown: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R18
Released by Madman

Dark,bleak,unrelenting and tense,Snowtown is an Aussie flick about John Bunting,their worst serial killer who targeted alleged paedophiles and gays back in the 90s.Daniel Henshall is utterly mesmerising and supremely chilling as the chubby faced charmer Bunting,as he swings from foster father to killer behind closed doors.
The film's strength is it doesn't show the violence or killings - bar one occasion- and because of that, this is extraodinary filmmaking which doesn't skimp on the atmosphere or the fear;unsettling it may be to watch for 2 hours but it's yet another sign the Aussie industry is in rude health.
While there's some who feel that there's hardly anyone to back in this grimy, gritty film(a young teen who the film initially focusses on soon becomes Bunting's accomplice),there's no denial it's a tough watch but it's rewarding and haunting in the extreme.

There's an air of menace running throughout and thanks to some great imagery,Snowtown remains with you long after it's done.

Extras: Commentary, deleted scenes, casting, docos, short films from director

Rating: 8/10 

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