Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Future : DVD Review

The Future : DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Madman Home Entertainment

A cinema piece in the loosest sense of the word, The Future is more of a performance piece in parts translated to the big screen.

From director Miranda July (who also stars), it's the tale of Sophie and Jason who live in a small Los Angeles apartment. They're your stereotypical youth - they hate their jobs,swear they'll never become what they hate - and are about to adopt a sick cat called Paw Paw.

But the realisation that Paw Paw is coming to live with them, sends them into spasms of panic and their lives take directions they'd never intended.

The Future is ever so slightly artsy and as a result, may not appeal to everyone. There's certainly the feel of a performance arts piece within (certainly during one section involving July and a sleeping bag) but there's a definite hipster feel to this which will appeal to a certain sector. The whole thing kind of left me ambivalent though to be honest.

Extras: Making of, deleted scene, commentary with July and trailer


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