Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 Review

Street Fighter X Tekken PS3 Review

Released by THQ and Capcom
Platform: PS3

So, yet another fighter game hits the small screen - in the wake of a lot of similar releases from Capcom over the past few months, you may be wondering if this one is worth your time.

And to a degree, I tend to agree with you - it seems as if there's a glut of these fighter games, crying for your cash and time in an increasingly busy market place.

Yet, Street Fighter X Tekken is still a lot of fun.

It's no real digression from the genre or from what's expected - you take on the guises of various fighters from Street Fighter, double up and combat your opponents in a computer generated fist fury breakdown. It's mainly from an array of Street Fighter characters that you get to choose a fighter - but all have their different strengths and skills, as well as weaknesses.

You can choose how long the fights go for; how many rounds and the difficulty of the smackdown as well - but it's really in the playability of this where Street Fighter X Tekken gives you the thrill of an arena fight. Some nice backdrops also flesh out the action - from dinosaurs to people standing by initially talking and then being drawn into the fights, a bit of effort has gone into the backgrounds and it's a welcome touch.

At the end of the day, these are two iconic franchises which have faithfully been ported across to a new game - and the inclusion of arcade, mission or online potential fights give the fluid gameplay a bit more life. It's playable enough fun but for the ultimate combat life, you really need to take this social and include other players - either in the room or out in cyberspace.


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  1. When I was over at a co-workers house from DISH the other day I noticed this version of Street Fighter still is a ton of fun, because there are lots of ways you can play a match and that is excluding online. After playing it, I decided I couldn’t go wrong by adding it to my queue using Blockbuster@Home. I don’t always have the option to buy all the games I want due to lack of funds, so the most economical way for me to play games is by renting them. While the online mode might not be for everyone, this game it is definitely worth checking out and has a lot of potential for some great competitive matches.