Thursday, 31 January 2013

The French Film Festival is coming

The French Film Festival is coming

Bonjour mes amis!

Good news for fans of the French Film Festival - it's back this year - and with even more culture on show than in previous years.

The festival's gearing up for its launch tonight, but it's got a full programme this year for everyone to enjoy.

This from their blog:

"We are thrilled to fill our opening night slot with Christian Vincent’s “deliciously French” film Haute Cuisinewhich stars one of our favourite French actresses, Catherine Frot. We knew within five minutes of watching this film that it should take the limelight at this year’s festival, so we hope you’ll lap it up enthusiastically.
Another highlight for us includes Noémie Lvovsky’s run-away hit Camille Rewinds, which has just been nominated for an incredible 13 César awards, France’s prestigious annual film awards. Camille will screen as the closing night film nationwide. Other personal favourites within the festival office include Ursula Meier’s spectacular Sisterthe unsettling Oscar-nominated Canadian production War Witchand Xavier Giannoli’s “enjoyably absurd” Superstar about a man who wakes up to discover he is famous for no reason."

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