Saturday, 6 April 2013

Comedy Fest Questionnaire: Tom Gleeson

Comedy Fest Questionnaire: Tom Gleeson

1) Tell us what your show is called this year?
Tom Gleeson.

2)  Why?
Because it is my name.

3) Can you give us a few hints as to what broadly your festival show is about?
I don't really know. I've never done the NZ Comedy Festival before so I guess I'll just run with my best material. I've been doing festivals for over ten years so I'm sure I'll be able to scrape something together.

4) How much time have you spent crafting the show over the past 12 months since the end of the last festival?
You really didn't listen to my last answer did you. I SAID I'VE NEVER DONE THE NZ COMEDY FESTIVAL BEFORE. So I guess I've spent my lifetime crafting this show.

5) The comedy festival is turning 21 this year – it’s a big age 21 – whatyou’re your memories of being 21? Or if you’re not old enough yet, you lucky person, what are your hopes for being 21?
My 21st was miserable. I had dinner with my family and three friends. I started stand up that year because I needed more friends.

6) The Comedy festival is one big party and catch up for a month - is there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing over here either socially or on stage?
Jesse Griffin! Another tall red head. When I first did the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 200l, we both had crew cuts. From behind we looked identical. We became friends because we always got mistaken for each other.

7) What’s the comedy scene like at the moment who do you rate and why?
The scene is very healthy. People are more aware of stand up than they have ever been. Words like 'material', 'gold' and 'riffing' are now used in everyday language. In the UK, stand ups are selling out arenas. I'm in a long line of comedians that rate Louis CK. I supported him in Australia. He needs to be lured to NZ. He's the master.

8)  What’s the best piece of audience interaction you’ve had?
A month ago a woman in my audience passed out. She had to be carried out. No one knew what had happened. I told the audience that I was secretly hoping she was dead because that would mean I had made someone die laughing.

9) What’s the most memorable part of performing for you within the last 12 months?
On 7 Days I jumped up and down like an angry wanking monkey. It was a satirical piece.

10) When we say New Zealand International Comedy Festival to you, what’s the first thing you think of?
The poor exchange rate.

11) How would you persuade people to come and see your show?
Louis CK chose me to be his support act. If I'm good enough for him, maybe I'm good enough for you.

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