Saturday, 8 February 2014

Lovelace: Blu Ray Review

Lovelace: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R16
Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment

This biopic about notorious porn star Linda Lovelace, star of Deep Throat, is about as dark a tale as it comes.

Amanda Seyfried stars as Lovelace, with Peter Sarsgaard as Chuck Traynor - it's the tale of their romance, relationship and marriage. But it's a far darker story with the reality of how Lovelace was forced into her famous career by a desperate and violent husband whose abuse caused her no end of unhappiness.

Lovelace as a movie is slightly dour and disappointing. While the story's a tricky one to tell given the true horror of her life (which will be unknown by many) the problems come with the lumpen leaden direction and TV Movie style script. Seyfried is perfectly cast - and delivers a truly memorable and nuanced performance but not even she can lift the overall feel of the film. An unrecognisable Sharon Stone as the mother and Robert Patrick as the father add to the surprise casting of the piece, but it can't shake the feeling that this needed a little bit more pizazz to give it some life - even with its troubled subject matter.

Extras: Behind the scenes piece


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