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Tomb Raider / Bioshock Infinite: PS Plus Subscription Reviews

Tomb Raider / Bioshock Infinite: PS Plus Subscription Reviews

Free through the PS Plus Subscription
Tomb Raider - just gone on in March
Bioshock Infinite - was added in Feb

It's very easy to overlook the benefits sometimes.

And nowhere are they more apparent than as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription. Every month, there's a wealth of new content and for those of us like me, who sometimes miss out on the games due to the fact there's so much on, there's a welcome relief to be had from getting the chance to catch up as and when.

So it is with Tomb Raider, which has just been added to the latest round of PS Plus Sub benefits. At 12.5GB, this is a download that will chew through any data cap you have, but my goodness, if this Lara Croft reboot isn't worth it, I will head over and kick your behind, because quite simply if you're a fan of gaming, then you really need to play this.

Setting out on her first expedition, Lara is bound for Japan, but nature intervenes and soon, she and a few other survivors find their way to a deserted island. As Lara investigates further, she finds herself drawn into an ancient civilisation and a prophecy. Cinematic and epic where it needs to be, this overlooked reboot is simply great gaming. It's got a depth of storytelling that works as well and successfully relaunches the Lara Croft franchise. Giving her a bow to use is a master-stroke and in just seconds, Square Enix has made her iconic again.

The game's been re-released and re-mastered for the PS4 too, with a definitive edition adding a pristine sheen to the overall feel of the product. On either format, it's worth seeking out - and if you're a PS Plus member, I'd recommend you download it right now and get into it. You won't regret it.

Elsewhere, I'd heard great things about Bioshock Infinite and it had always been on my list to pick up. So, I was glad to see that part of the PS Plus Sub too.

The first person shooter is one of the strangest, most oddly compelling mixes of a game that I've ever played, but it's wonderful in its own (at times non-linear)way.

Set in 1912, a world where cities are floating, you play Booker De Witt, a man tasked with finding a girl called Elizabeth. After rescuing her, you're involved in an ongoing war between two factions, a bit of dimension hopping and a lot of Civil America Union issues as well. Mixing in roleplay as well as FPS, it's a clever, canny, smart and sinister game that appeals on many levels. The intrigue from the get-go is gripping and playing on to see how it pans out makes for a rewarding journey after a 6GB download.

But again, it's the characterisation that stands out here, with Elizabeth so beautifully drawn that when the end comes, you're left emotionally bereft. There's only a few more weeks left to catch Bioshock Infinite so I suggest you hurry.

With the free games getting bigger on the PS Plus Sub, it's worth considering investing. In some ways, the sub saves you money on gaming if you're patient and with even more on the way (PS4 games and VITA titles are thrown in monthly) it really does pay off.

You can find all the details for subscribing to PlayStation Plus here.

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