Thursday, 15 May 2014

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide: DVD Review

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide: DVD Review

Rating: PG
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Ent

As we patiently wait the new Doctor Who series with Peter Capaldi, this nostalgic look back at 50 years of the Doctor Who phenomenon will quietly do.

Released for last year's half century celebrations, the doco revisits why the series is so enduringly popular and interviews 5 of the stars who played the Doctor as well as a plethora of companions. Taking in the series' appeal and encapsulating why those who took part are still so universally adored, the Ultimate Guide is a nice easy watch, a reminder of why Who is what it is and why it's got a wide appeal.

David Tennant, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy et al provide knowing commentary and for fans of the show, many will be nodding along as the reasons why it's loved are explored.

The Ultimate Guide represents an easy watch and is worth owning if you're a Who fan in any form - new or old.

Extras: None

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