Friday, 6 June 2014

Lemmings Touch: PS Vita Review

Lemmings Touch: PS Vita Review

Platform: PS Vita
Released by Sony Computer Entertainment

Ah, Lemmngs.

Years have passed since the frustration of dealing with those pesky critters, trying to get them to their destination and being thwarted by some minor oversight.

Perhaps, it was inevitable they'd make a next gen version and to be honest, the PS Vita makes perfect sense as a platform for it. Developer d3t have brought this platformer bang upto date and moved it onto the mobile platform, making it all the better for it.

The formula's not been messed with either - it's still the same old Lemmings game; you have to guide them through a series of puzzles and use climbing, building, floating, digging and blocking to reach your destination - or face self-detonation if things don't go to plan. Updated visuals and a wheel to select your hapless little Lemmings skill factor mean the game is as simple as it needs to be - and as a result, is as addictive as it could be.

Around 100 levels need conquering and using the VITA's touch screen, it's upto you to save the day as you guide them to safety (or not). With an option to speed up the action, you don't have to spend forever waiting for the time to tick down to finish a level, but rather a high speed wipe a la editing helps you to your goal. Moving the wheel around is easy thanks to the touch screen capabilities, as is moving some of the objects in the level the Lemmings have to complete. Trampolines, bricks - all of these can be swished away with the flick of a finger - and all of which are needed to complete the level in requisite time.

One major change is the introduction of the red haired Lemmings, a kind of anti social critters that needs to be dispatched and can in no way be allowed to make it to the end goal. So, it's sanctioned Lemming killing which proves to be a bit of fun.

There's also the option to customise your critters, thanks to rewards at the end of each level, but to be frank, the thrill of Lemmings Touch is the basics. It doesn't steer away from what made the game great and this updated version has found the perfect home on the VITA. Frustratingly addictive, totally playable and portable, Lemmings Touch is a great next gen addition, steeped in nostalgia.


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