Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Dead Snow 2: Blu Ray Review

Dead Snow 2: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R18
Released by Madman Home Ent

Dead Snow was one of the freshest zombie films for a while.

With its potent mix of horror tropes and Nazi zombies, it was a clever and inventive take and a mash up of genres that made you wonder why it'd never been done before.

However, Dead Snow 2 pales into comparison with the first.

The sequel picks up from where the last film ended with sole survivor Martin escaping the hordes on the hill but finding his connection to Colonel Herzog, the leader of the undead Nazis, continues thanks to a surgeon who's sown the leader's zombie arm onto him.

After he escapes, Martin has to contend with the police trying to track him down for the murders on the hill - but things get more complicated when the zombie hordes reveal their true reason for being.

A completely unnecessary comedy sequel, Dead Snow 2 has more of the emphasis on the humour than the horror. The end result is that the film suffers because it fails to match the brilliance and horror of the first. This is splatter comedy of the silliest order, a trait none more apparent than when the Zombie Squad shows up (a trio of comedy nerds from America) and the script relies on lazy stereotypes and one-liners.

Granted, the comedy's clearly the push for the sequel, with plot-holes and sense going out the window in favour of some admittedly great sight gags (exploding mums with prams providing the zaniest) but director Tommy Wirkola's effectively killed this franchise by even expanding it in the first place.

Disappointing, patchy and taken with a large pinch of salt, this undead release doesn't really deserve the mantel of Dod Sno - while the comedy amuses in parts, the lack of coherency really does drag this movie down into mediocrity.


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