Friday, 10 July 2015

NZFF Q&A - Jason Howden, Deathgasm

NZFF Q&A - Jason Howden, Deathgasm

Tell us about your film at the film festival

DEATHGASM is a balls-out, Heavy Metal Splatstick horror/comedy. It involves two Kiwi Metalheads who inadvertently bring about the demonic apocalypse. They then have to save the world, the only way that a Metalhead knows how: caving in skulls and shredding tunes on tricked-out guitars.

Tell us the best moment you had making this film

I'm not going to lie, it was the first gore shot. It was filmed at the end of the night, and we were running out of time. So it had to be a one take wonder. We set up the appliance on to the actor and rolled the camera. The whole crew was crowded around in nervous anticipation, then I called action. It looked amazing! One on the best throat slits I've seen in years. There is always an unpredictability with horror, you are shooting fluids into the air, and can never fully control where they land. Much like shooting porn, I presume.

Tell us the worst moment – and the one thing you left out of this film. 

I left out all the insanely complex gore gags that I couldn't have shot without a few million dollars! 
Every film I've worked on, there have been times so painful that you feel like you've been dragged from a tow bar through broken glass then kicked in the taint. I think Deathgasm went really smoothly in comparison thanks to our dedicated cast and crew.

Tell us what this film means to you – and why people should see it.
Deathgasm, is the fulfillment of a long held dream of mine. The story is loosely based on my teen years, growing up in Greymouth, West Coast. Deathgasm is the only NZ feature narrative in the NZIFF this year, which makes me incredibly proud.

Metal and Horror fans should definitely make the pilgrimage, but I think there is something for most cinema lovers, comedy, a sweet love story. Deathgasm has been accepted into dozens of prestigious festivals around the world, now it's time for the homecoming tour!

Tell us one of the films you wish you were seeing at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival?

Without a doubt: I Am Thor. It's a documentary about Jon Mikl Thor, who many fans of heavy metal horror will be familiar with. He was a bodybuilder and Metal musician who starred in the 80's cult classics Rock N' Roll Nightmare and Zombie Nightmare. It looks incredible. 

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