Saturday, 15 August 2015

F1 2015: PS4 Review

F1 2015: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Codemasters

The latest iteration of the F1 franchise doesn't deviate from the track or from its intentions.

It's there simply to give you another view of the Formula 1 racing season and to put you in the driving seat of the action once again.

And quite simply, it is the full experience. From practice laps to checking out stuff in the garage and tinkering away, this is your chance to be whoever you want to be in the series. Got a penchant for Lewis Hamilton? Fine, indulge away in the Championship season and off you go.

That's really the thing with F1 2015 - it speaks to fans but also to those who simply want to get in the car and drive off with it all. With rewinds you're able to simply take the error off and play again - some say that's for cheats, but for the less experienced of us in the game, that's more a chance to soar than anything else.

From cockpit views to overhead views, the racing's the main thing here - and while the tracks look good and play well, there's little to admire in the design of them and little crowd interaction for you to be involved in. After all, aren't you supposed to keep your eyes on the road?

The core driving mechanics are simple, the graphics are crisp and the game play is exactly what you'd expect from a game that goes round and round - but the real test of the game comes in Pro Season, where the game must be mastered on its own terms. Difficult to say the least, Pro Season is perhaps something to aim for; a raison d'etre for the drivers who come back time and time again, what with enforced cockpit mode, no help on the tracks and certainly plenty of decent talent to face off against.

While it didn't exactly rock my world, this racing sim is still very impressive; a sign that Codemasters is continuing to tweak its output for its fans' expectations to be met - while the online needs a little work ( it takes a while to find a match), the off line mode and championship season are pleasant enough fun to justify this annual investment.


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