Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Armageddon 2015: Talking comics and the show with Arkham Comics

Armageddon 2015: Talking comics and the show with Arkham Comics

With just days to go to the 2015 Armageddon Expo in Auckland, we got the low down from Jeremy Bishop aka Mr J, the owner/ warden of Arkham Comics, who'll be at this year's show.

What’s the best part of being at Armageddon?
Seeing FANS of all levels enjoy the community and environment. Also seeing the excitement in fans’ eyes as they find the item for their collection!

What’s the one item that you always sell really well – and why do you think that is?
- Deadpool…anything DEADPOOL… and with having one of the cover artists – Dave Johnson, at the show this year… I see it being more popular

What does Armageddon mean to you?

What’s been your favourite moment at all of the Armageddons you have attended?
Meeting the Celebrities, the Comic Creators I’ve followed and been a fan of for years being next to me and being AWESOME People! Frank Cho, Darrick Robertson, Jim Lee, Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palimotti, Bruce Timm, Greg Rucka, Alex Maleev, Brain Michael Bendis,

What’s the one thing at Armageddon this year that you have that you think is the coolest item?

What’s been your favourite costume from the event?
Deadpool hiding inside a BIG cuddly Teddybear costume!

What do you want to see at this year’s 20th Anniversary Armageddon?
....... will know when I see it :)

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