Thursday, 19 November 2015

FIFA 16: PS4 Review

FIFA 16: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by EA

Ah, the beautiful game.

And FIFA's annual iteration thereof is now with us.

This time around, it's all about the improvements to the game and the AI. And it makes this FIFA one of the more technical and yet also impressive. There's more of a team feel to the game this time around, meaning that you will need to ensure that you have to instruct the guys a little more on the pitch and fire up some tactics to ensure a win rather than simply kick and hope.

Sure, the game looks as great as it ever does, and that's no surprise given that it's in its 23rd year and has the support of FIFA behind it, but it really needs to be playable and enjoyable to get the continual annual gamers involved.

There's a definite sharpness to the play this year, with goalkeepers seeming more responsive and players being more aware of what's going on in the pitch in front of their very eyes. It makes what transpires on the pitch feel not only more fluid but also much more lifelike as it happens. The game is now more of a game as opposed to previous years which have felt like a bit of a one-sided competition.

The other big bonus of FIFA 16 is the inclusion of the women's football, a chance for the game to reflect all walks of life certainly. And while the pace of FIFA Women's feels a little slower, there's certainly no loss of pace and precision in the women's game - though you'd question why women can't take on the men.

All in all, FIFA 16 is definitely of a more technical nature. It lacks the somewhat pick up and play attitude of the Pro Evo Soccer titles but that's not a criticism at all - more a case of the FIFA game being for the purist.

Worth diving into for another year? Definitely - though what FIFA could do next year is a little beyond me - perhaps there will be some mention of current events and Sepp Blatter's state of affairs...

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