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Nights of Azure Q and A

Nights of Azure Q and A

Producer Kikuchi and Director Nakai

Tell us more about Nights of Azure
As with all aspects of Gust games, such as fantasy and beautiful women are included. ‘Night of Azure’ is an action role-playing game where the main character collects, brings up and fights with team members called Servans. A story between two beautiful women unfolds as Arnice, the main character who has a mission to protect Lilysse to save the world, while Lilysse is the Saint who is destined to sacrifice her life to seal the Night Lord.

This has been released before – what changes have you made for the PS4 release?
‘Night of Azure’ was released on the same day in Japan PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. As for PS4 we put major emphasis on the graphics so that players would enjoy it more compared to other consoles.

Tell us a little about the art direction of this title with all the blues and hues, it looks gorgeous.
Due to the setting of the game always being ‘night’, we have only limited colours that we could incorporate into the palette. With all the blues and hues, we have designed the backdrop colour so that the main character Arnice always looks beautiful moving in red.

What’s the one thing you wanted to do for this next gen release and how have you managed it?
This title is the first PS4 title developed by Gust. The graphics of all Gust titles have been created by toon-shading. Instead of increasing polygon on this title, we made the effort to adjust various other effects and textures to create a more animated style of graphic.

What would you want people to get from Nights of Azure?
We encourage players to enjoy the various styles of battle by making their favourite collaboration and formation of monsters, called Servans. These are collected and brought up by the players themselves.

What’s next for you as developers?
We would like to continue to develop a continuing series with more advanced Servans, a main feature of this title.

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