Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Visit: DVD Review

The Visit: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Ent

Another film by the king of twists, M Night Shyamalan.

And teaming up with Blumhouse, the studio that makes sleepers hits for low amounts of cash seems to have been a reasonable formula for success too.

In this latest, it's the story of two kids, Becca and Tyler, who head to their grandparents having never visited them before. Dropped at the station by their mum, the duo decide to film a doco about it. Which all sounds perfectly reasonable until the pair get to the house and find their grandma acting strangely in the night. As they investigate further, things take a creepier turn...

The Visit is a slow to get started kind of film, that's tonally a bit of a mix. With moments of comedy and horror as well as a reveal that in true M Night Shyamalan style will polarise (and can't be discussed without severe spoilers), it's a film that doesn't quite stack up once the reveal comes. While the atmosphere and the found footage ideas work reasonably well and a cast of relative unknowns help sell the story, you can't help but feel let down by the ending.

That said, the ride is reasonably executed and while it may not hit for some, it will hit for others.

The Visit ultimately shows Shyamalan is still a master builder of execution, even if the revelations at the end don't quite add up.

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