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NZIFF Q&A - The 5th Eye co-directors Abi King-Jones and Errol Wright.

NZIFF Q&A - The 5th Eye co-directors Abi King-Jones and Errol Wright

The 5th Eye
Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones – Director / Producer and Director / Editor

Our film is The 5th Eye and it's about the Waihopai Three, the War on Terror and the GCSB - New Zealand’s role as the ‘little finger in the fist’ of the Five Eyes global spy network.

The reason we made this film is:
After witnessing the courage, conviction and sacrifice of those who seek justice – of whistleblowers and other rule-breakers – we knew it would be a hard slog, and didn’t know what we’d find when we got there, but knew we had to take the journey to see (much like the Waihopai Three!).

What's the one moment that stands out in your film and why?
The verdict being announced in the Waihopai Three trial for its singular, spine-tingling momentousness.

What was the hardest thing about completing your film?
The massive amount of material we had to navigate through and the complexity of the edit. Also, making a film over several years with limited resources and the stress that comes with that.

What's the most satisfying thing about your film?
Seeing untruths laid bare and truths brought to light, whilst being taken along for the ride by the Waihopai Three as they recount their daring and hilarious misadventure / mission to the spy base.

What's been the one piece of feedback from either peers or audiences that has struck you the most and why?
Adrian Leason (upon seeing the film for the first time and quoting Darryl Kerrigan): “This one’s going straight to the pool room…” If the star of the film is happy, we can rest easy.

What's next on the cards for you?
Sleep and reintegrating with humanity after two years spent in front of the edit machine - we’ve only just finished the film and delivered it! (Insert crying-happy-face here). Enjoying the NZIFF and bringing The 5th Eye to the people.

Get the details of The 5th Eye at the NZIFF here.

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