Friday, 14 October 2016

PES 2017: PS4 Review

PES 2017: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Developed by Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer faces the same discussion every year when it pokes its head above the AAA parapet.

With FIFA 17 on the horizon too, it's easy to fall into the baiting of the two; but to do so is to dismiss either. So, that won't be happening here.

There's a great deal of fondness for Pro Evo throughout its iterations - personally, it's represented bonding with a great mate on many levels, sat in front of a screen talking rubbish and kicking a ball about. So, the latest iteration of the game has a lot to live up to - and simply put, it does that.

Rather than overtly complicate things with newer mechanics and overhaul the gameplay, Pro Evolution Soccer's success has always been about the fact that it's all about simply kicking a ball about. It sounds stupidly simple when put like that, but frankly, that's what most of us who play footy sims want to see, so it's great to see the 2017 version does that and does it well.

Smooth, graphically impressive and easy to simply pick up and play, the game's fluidity is its bonus. Small tweaks like increasing passing and improving keepers have added to the feel of the game and the time on the field. Close up, the players look like actual people (this sounds stupid, but the number of times sports sims have essentially simply thrust a potato on to the field in a close up are too many) and the celebrations are genuine.

You need a bit more skill to beat the AI this time around, so actually scoring genuinely feels like a victory and the rewards are many. Sure, it may lack the names of other franchises due to licensing, but who cares when you're playing such a great simulator?

From Master League (where you climb the ranks) to a Quick Game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is an unmissable footballing game - even for non fans of the beautiful game. Blessed with realism and degrees of sheen and polish, this is one sports soccer sim that needs to be on your shelf, long after the season has ended.

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