Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Bioshock Collection: PS4 Review

The Bioshock Collection: PS4 Review

Released by 2K Games
Platform: PS4

There's just something about the Bioshock series.

Being a newcomer to the gaming franchise, it was a PS Plus release of Bioshock Infinite back on the PS3 that really piqued my interest. With its heady mix of steampunk ethos and ominous overtones, there was just something about the series.

Swathed in mysterious touches, this return to the Rapture and Columbia is a great reason to own the set and play such an influential set of titles. In fact, given the level of story-telling the game feels like a next generation release in many ways for a re-release.

While the 1080 adds a crispness to the oppressive nature of all of the games, it's raison d'etre as a remaster is whether it's still playable - and all three of these titles stand their ground exceptionally well after being released nearly a decade ago. Details in the architecture feel crisp and look stunning - and even though this is not a sandbox game and areas are clearly marked for exploration and no going outside the lines, it still manages to be worth ploughing plenty of time into.

The first Bioshock title as the oldest is the one with the most poured into it, with graphic upgrades and a swish PS4 based coat of paint. And even Infinite's recent release doesn't tarnish the look and feel of the game on the next gen console; with stereo surround sound too, this clutch of titles borders on the quite terrifying as people come hurtling toward you from the dark. The suspense and spookier elements as you take on the despotic leaders is palpable and 2K Games have done more than enough to justify this as a release.

Ultimately for a remaster and a re-release, while this doesn't exactly shake up the gameplay techniques or reinvent the wheel, what it does do is show a vital collection needs a place in the next generation shelf.

The Bioshock Collection is living proof of that - for those yet to invest in the worlds, it's a great reason to have the series and for those wanting to relive the best moments of an undoubtedly influential series, this is an absolute must have.

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