Thursday, 17 November 2016

Titanfall 2: PS4 Review

Titanfall 2: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by EA Games and Respawn Entertainment

The first Titanfall was a multi-player blast.

The first person shooter with robots where you got to smash and bash a la Pacific Rim against others was a great experience, but it was severely lacking a campaign element to ensure a degree of longevity.

Respawn Entertainment's second outing and improved game adds in that, as well as continuing the multiplayer elements which proved to be so popular the first time around.

In this latest, in the campaign element, you play Jack Cooper, sent to an alien planet and attacked when least expected. Jack desires to become a pilot and pilot a Titan. And when his mentor, Captain Lastimosa is wounded and dies, Jack gets his chance, as he's paired up with a Titan unit BT 7274.

The duo team up to take on the corrupt elements of the IMC and begin to penetrate a conspiracy...

Adding in elements of parkour and shooting prove to be a good concoction for Titanfall 2 and for its story overall.

Sure, there are moments that feel like meshes of both Knight Rider and Short Circuit as BT and Jack banter, but the engagement within gets over some of the fact that portions of the missions are repetitive.

That said, there's plenty of fun to be had in the running, shooting and exploring. The worlds initiated feel organic, full of life and with elements of danger all over the place. Wildlife when it attacks feels dangerous and while there are a range of weapons around to attack, reloading proves to be particularly slow and occasionally fatal.

But there's very much the dynamic of 1 guy and his mech buddy running through the campaign and it's very welcome.

As for the multiplayer, there were some concerns after the BETA, given how hard it was to kill others, and thereby depriving yourself of getting a Titan. Thankfully, that's been rectified and a Titan-meter means you can summon chaos from the sky and unleash carnage when everything comes to fruition.

All in all, Titanfall 2 is a fun title; a smash and bash style robots outing that more than serves its purpose. Thanks to tweaks in the gameplay and the addition of a campaign, this second time round is a lot stronger than the first and consequently deserves a longer shelf life.

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