Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Tumble: PS VR Review

Tumble: PS VR Review

Developed by Supermassive Games
Platform: PS VR

It was pretty obvious that once VR was announced, interactive puzzle games would be dropped into the release schedule.

Tumble VR is one such game.

Set in a virtual dome, it's your job to stack blocks, destroy blocks and redirect lights through blocks to gain glory in the forms of medals. Over 30 levels, your patience will be tested as you move the PS Move tool around, building and hoping gravity doesn't do its thing.

With an instructional floating ball robot at your side (looking like one of the robots out of the VR Playroom) the tutorial section of the game is easy to get through - though the lack of an option to scroll through instructions you've already heard if you're forced to repeat is a serious frustration.

Once in to the game, it becomes a case of using what you've learned to get through.

As the TETRIS Style stacking starts to take effect, some of the limitations of the VR become noticeable. Things by nature need to be a bit fiddly to ensure completion and the PS Move isn't quite up to the job; equally turning blocks over and around can be difficult to achieve because there's no way to literally grab and rotate the block as you would with a hand.

Overall, Tumble VR is quite a pleasant experience that shows puzzles may have a future in the VR world, but its minor niggles cause a slightly frustrating gameplay feeling as the game goes on.

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