Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Super Stardust Ultra: PS VR Review

Super Stardust Ultra: PS VR Review

Developer: Housemarque
Platform: PS VR

Super Stardust Ultra was already a fun title to play.

A combination of blasting asteroids, collecting weaponry and points, all on a rotating world, the game had a lot of arcade sensibility going for it and made it definitely worthwhile.

The PS VR version of it strives for greater things, but doesn't fully achieve it.

While the core gameplay remains in tact and the idea of blasting around the screen close up and having a few things flying towards your face is a bit of a novelty at first, the core game soon becomes slightly redundant and unnecessary (even though scanning round sees you in the stars of the universe). It's still eminently playable though and is enjoyable enough (much as it is with normal screens).

Its Invasion VR mode is where the VR's been developed for the title and it's whether you feel like this is an extension of Battle Zone's tanks with Super Stardust Ultra's waves of critters to shoot. There are EMPs to help you gain some space, but the whole thing seems a little off and ever so slightly dull (not to mention prone to motion sickness).

Ultimately, Super Stardust Ultra on PS VR isn't a necessity. Sure, its core game is still worth throwing time into, but otherwise, there's little to warrant this other than the consideration of it as a lazy port to a new platform.

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