Sunday, 2 April 2017

LEGO Worlds: PS4 Review

LEGO Worlds: PS4 Review

Released by TT Games
Platform: PS4

Brick by brick, day by day.

Everything was indeed awesome in the LEGO Movie, and there's potential for awesomeness in this latest game to hit the console world.

Based on the premise that anyone can be a Master Builder, LEGO Worlds throws you onto a world with the chance to go crazy-ish and do what you want to do.

Relatively similar to Minecraft in the build anything stakes (to a degree), there's plenty to explore and catalogue in the game. As you start to look around and begin your quests around the worlds (gradual little games open up other parts of the game), things start to open up.
However, it's more akin to having a limited LEGO toy set at home, and not all the pieces.

With a concept that sees you destroying and collecting studs, unlocking creatures and vehicles and gradually building the world around, there's enough to do, but it's not quite as refined as previous LEGO games have been - it's more an experience than anything.

It's nice the different areas are themed, and give you reasons to play and explore,but the camera sometimes thwarts your enjoyment of what's around, as it juggles between you seeing what you need to and what it wants to. It's glitchy at times, and equally as frustrating.

You also have to get gold bricks to get rewards too - and ultimately, the game unlocks the more you do and aim for perfection

To be fair though, it's more obvious that LEGO Worlds is aimed at the younger end of the spectrum, and there's no denying they'll get the fun out of the game and its mechanics of running about, creating and smashing - and that's probably enough for the LEGO Fanatic in the family.

But it's also a game that can be played in groups, in ways that Disney Infinity strived for, which is commendable.

All in all, LEGO Worlds isn't a bad title. It's certainly playably disposable enough - much like the normal LEGO.

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