Friday, 26 May 2017

Welcome to Mixer – Xbox and Microsoft’s Interactive Livestreaming Service

Welcome to Mixer – Xbox and Microsoft’s Interactive Livestreaming Service

Microsoft is excited to announce the next evolution of the Beam interactive livestreaming platform and introduce our new name: Mixer. 

More than just the name, we’re launching several of the features that fans have been asking for, including co-streaming, a beta for the Mixer Create mobile streaming app, a new moderated channel of content on Mixer called ‘Channel One’ and a new Mixer page on the Xbox One dashboard.

While the service will operate under a new name, the core experience remains unchanged. Gamers will still be able to interact with streamers and play together in real-time, as opposed to the traditional 10-20 second latency commonly seen on other platforms.

Be sure to tune in now to the Xbox Mixer channel for a full day of livestreamed events. During the all-day livestream, we’ll share more details and demo some of the new features rolling out, and the new Mixer NYC Studio will host a gaming marathon featuring a variety of streamers competing in a multi-genre esports gauntlet. The celebration concludes with ‘Mixerworks’ – an interactive firework show from 4pm Friday 26th (NZT). 

We’re also excited to announce that Xbox will be broadcasting its E3 briefing in UHD, with a special edition Mixer 4K broadcast for those with a 4K display.

For more information, check out the Mixer blog post here, authored by Mixer co-founder Matt Salsamendi.     

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