Tuesday, 11 July 2017

NZIFF Q&A - Jackie van Beek, The Inland Road

NZIFF Q&A - Jackie van Beek, The Inland Road

Talking The Inland Road with director, Jackie van Beek.

The Inland Road

My film is...... 
The Inland Road

The best thing about being at the NZIFF is...... Having the opportunity to present a NZ film to a NZ audience.

The Moment I'm most proud of in my film is...... 
There is a moment in a car that requires a very intimate connection between our young lead actress and our male lead. She was so nervous leading up to that scene that she skulled three Red Bulls just before we started shooting. But I watch that moment now and you'd never know she felt like that.

The thing that makes me the proudest of my team in my film is..... We were trying to shoot a summer scene in a freezing cold attic above a woolshed. We had to keep cutting as the sound of snow hitting the corrugated iron roof was drowning out our actors' dialogue. It was frustrating but I remember looking around at the crew and saw a bunch of patient, smiling people in puffer jackets. I appreciated that.

The reason I carried on with this film when things got tough was..... 
My producer, Aaron, would cook me fish, pour me wine and remind me I was a good person and was making the film for the right reasons.

The moment I think that will resonate most with the audience when they see my film is....... The moments of connection between teenage Tia and five-year old Lily.

The thing I hope most people will take from watching my film is..... A reminder that as human beings we have a huge capacity for kindness.

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