Saturday, 8 July 2017

Tekken 7: PS4 Review

Tekken 7: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment

Kick punch, move, kick, punch.
Tekken 7: PS4 Review

The fighting genre is one that rarely falters from its usual execution, and as each new iteration of the games come out, it's all about how much flair they are executed with.

Case in point is Tekken 7, which doesn't stray from its usual MO in its latest release, but ensures the reason why you love the series is continued.

Its story mode focuses upon a reporter whose desire to investigate a corporate cover-up is fuelled by the death of his wife and daughter during the ascent of Jin Kazama. For fans, this story is coherent, relevant and deepening; but to those outside of the series, it has to be said that it leaves you non-plussed with its deeper meaning.

Cinematic cutaways are gorgeously enacted, but again work on different levels given how much affinity you have for the series. However, the over-the-top nature of the story may have you pressing buttons to simply get to the fights, which remain as complex and conversely, as simple as they ever have.
Tekken 7: PS4 Review

All that has to be done is to beat hordes of oncoming baddies. From its core cast of some 38 characters, all of whom are playable, it's clear depth is a real pro for Tekken 7 as it powers through its po-faced storyline.

But the fights themselves  are well executed and really do feel fresh, exhilirating and graphically impressive. With the AI learning quickly how you are playing, it is upto you to ensure that variety is employed in great measures, and there's certainly a learning scale that needs to be utilised very quickly. Customisation's present and pliable too, meaning characters feel like they're your own as you head through the levels.
Tekken 7: PS4 Review

All in all, while Tekken 7 may appeal more to fans of the genre and series, its cinematic edges and melodrama means there's a chance that non-fans can jump in. It takes time to garner rewards, but it's certainly worth ploughing some time into this beat-em-up; it's not strictly a KO, but it does win on technical points.

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