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That's You! PS4 Review

That's You! PS4 Review

Platform: PS4

PlayStation has always been about the social gaming.
That's You! PS4 Review

What with Buzz and SingStar, there's always been a degree of the Sony brand being about bringing people together and having an experience.

So it is with That's You!, the first of the PlayLink games launched with the idea of once again returning to a group ethos rather than a WiFi headset connection providing the fun and games.

That's You! manages to work in the way that it's immersive, simple to use and follows the quiz mechanics that worked so well for Buzz. After downloading the app via the usual places, six of you can chime in on the game and start answering questions about you, your mates and a few other things.

Cycling through ten locations, the game's MO is simply about seeing who knows the most about you and also who of the group knows you the best. It's a sort of Mr and Mrs quiz for the PlayStation generation. Made of tasks within the round, from selfies to simple drawing, the game's fun in a sort of disposable way - it's very much the kind of game you'd play with a family at Christmas when the board games have you rolling your eyes in tedium.
That's You! PS4 Review

From selfies to silliness, the game works in that if you're willing to go in boots and all and with over 1000 questions to get through, the brevity of the rounds seems a bit at odds with how much there is to mine from. It's good that it's free with PlayStation Plus in July, as with all of these kind of social games, the more you're willing to put into it and the faddish nature of it mean that it does feel a little bit of a flighty title.

The integration between the app and the PS works fine, and there's little delay in it all being shown on the screen.

Ultimately, That's You! marginally updates the social gaming elements and is fun for a Friday night with the family;it's a casual appetiser for what could lie ahead with PlayLink - and it's to be hoped that PlayStation pushes the boundaries with this a little in future releases.

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