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Agents of Mayhem: PS4 Review

Agents of Mayhem: PS4 Review

Developed by
Platform: PS4

Meshing cartoon graphics and cut scenes with the Saints Row style of gameplay, Agents of Mayhem is a frivolous game that doesn't take itself too seriously at all.
Agents of Mayhem: PS4 Review

Blending the team up mentality of superheroes and mixing it with a post global hostile takeover by the forces of LEGION, you are one of the Agents of Mayhem who are based in Seoul and are leading the fight back.

Story is very much by the wayside in this, and the simplistic shoot stuff and destroy hordes of creatures heading your way is the MO of the game. Split across episodes, the game goes for a kind of amusing self-knowing approach which pays off in terms of your engagement.

It's fairly disposable stuff and fairly simple to play each level too.
Agents of Mayhem: PS4 Review

Tasked with various things to complete and do, the map world stretches out ahead of you as you negotiate as one of the Agents (who seem ripped from the cliches of comic books and action films). Swapping between agents is easy, and really, if you just want to put your brain in neutral and deal with the waves of bd guys, there's not really anything better.

It helps that Agents of Mayhem is quite playable, but there's no real urgency to get everything done and move on to the next problem which presents itself.

Each agent has their own special power - from teleporting enemies to in front of your agent to shoot them dead to unleashing mines, there's enough to keep the cartoon silliness on the go. Coupled with special episodes which concentrate on the singular agents, Agents of Mayhem's commitment to the genre it's come from is commendable.
Agents of Mayhem: PS4 Review

Its silliness is reminiscent of Saint's Row but without the profanity, and its playable episodic nature means it's good for a blat about and a few hours of fun. There's a degree of repetition as the game goes on, but all in all Agents of Mayhem gives good homage to its ilk.

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