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Everybody's Golf: PS4 Review

Everybody's Golf: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Developed by ClapHanz

This title is now 20 years old.

But it's still fiendishly addictive and simply enjoyable to pick up and play.
Everybody's Golf: PS4 Review

The last iteration of the game to hand was the PS Vita version that looked and played slickly in its smaller format. Equally, the PS4 version of the game is still utterly enjoyable to spend a few hours in and more than just a little fun if you fancy taking on the world for some global golfing.

Essentially a spit and polish of the title, the game's still the same - you have to hit balls into a tiny hole and do it better than anyone else. Colourful and Japanese influenced in its quirks and cutes, the game play is ferociously simple and easy to lose hours in.

The more you play with the clubs and improve your game, the better your handling of them is and the more powerful the set becomes and the better you become. Unlocking XP brings rewards and challengers - there's nothing more easy to execute than this game itself; it's not challenging to get in to, but it is challenging to put down and move on.
Everybody's Golf: PS4 Review

There's a heavy emphasis on multiplayer this time around, and while it's easy to dive in, the 20 year old title does graphically look a little silly at times as hordes of people scamper around the course and fade in and out as you play. It's the one bum note of the title which is still great fun.

The multiplayer elements work fine too and the idea of playing online with a raft of others is certainly a welcome one. Games are easy to join and simple to be involved with - simplicity is really Everybody's Golf's MO and reason for success.
Everybody's Golf: PS4 Review

While parts of the game show their age, Everybody's Golf is still tremendous pick up and play fun. It's not exactly a hole in one in parts, but it is very much ahead of the par for the course.

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