Friday, 8 September 2017

Free Fire: Blu Ray Review

Free Fire: Blu Ray Review

Released by Sony Home Ent

Ben Wheatley's Free Fire is a film best described as an HR issue that gets out of control.

Free Fire: Blu Ray ReviewWith an all star cast, a 70s setting and a single location, Wheatley essentially sets up a shoot-out that runs the course of 90 minutes.

Centring on a gun deal that goes awry, Wheatley's trademark black humour and one-liners are once again present and correct as the genre-nodding film hits all the expected moments.

From the likes of Brie Larson to Michael Smiley, there's plenty of character moments here but at times, it feels little more than a dress up party with guns to shoot. But there are some very funny and unexpected moments as the story of betrayal plays out.

Wheatley has a cinematic eye for what's needed and uses some clever trickery to pad out the use of the sole location. It may not always hit the target in terms of a deeper connection, but at 90 minutes, Free Fire just about manages not to over-stay its welcome.

It's not Wheatley at its best, but with a stellar cast and a boys-own mentality here and there, it's a solid enough film to entertain a night at home.

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