Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Girl With All The Gifts: Blu Ray Review

The Girl With All The Gifts: Blu Ray Review

Released by Universal Home Ent

Mixing the vibe of The Road, 28 Days Later, Schwarzenegger's zombie film and PlayStation game The Last of Us, The Girl With all the gifts is a contemplative piece that perhaps goes a little too long.
The Girl With All The Gifts: Blu Ray Review
In a post-apocalyptic Britain,Gemma Arterton's scientist Helen Justineau is desperately trying to help save children from being experimented on as the search for a cure continues to a plague that's reduced mankind to hordes of hungry cannibalistic masses.

When Justineau goes on the run with Sennia Nanua's Melanie, with the army in tow, all hell breaks loose.

Trading largely on atmospherics and mood, The Girl With All The Gifts is, at times, a veritable ripper of a film that does nearly outstay its welcome.

It riffs on contemplation as well as peeling into some of the horror tropes as well, and with some very assured performances - including Nanua - and a desire to underplay, it works terrifically well.

There will be those who prefer the contemplative prose of the book, but for those looking at what's already an over-busy genre, The Girl With All The Gifts proves to be a shot in the undead arm that film occasionally needs.

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