Monday, 28 February 2011

Dr Who: Meglos DVD Review

Dr Who: Meglos DVD Review

Dr Who Meglos
Rating: PG
Released by BBC

Essentially remembered as that serial with Dr Who as a cactus, this tale from 1980s and Tom Baker's final stint as the fourth Doctor remains more scorned for what it didn't achieve than what it did.
The Doc and Romana land on the planet Tigella, where two sides are fighting over an energy source. Trapped in a time loop by the evil cactus like creature Meglos (yes I know how that sounds) the floppy haired Doctor is stuck in the middle as he tries to ensure his own survival as well as that of his companions.
Meglos isn't a bad romp for Who - sure, it creaks at times with some dodgy acting but there's an attempt at some serious science too. It doesn't work as well as it could - as the doco with the writers attests to but it still remains an iconic piece of Who with Jacqueline Hill (aka Barbara from 1960s Who) appearing as one of the main players. With some reasonable production values, this four parter zips along (with a few groans here and there) amiably enough.
Extras: Commentary, docos on the writers as well as a very tasteful tribute to Jacqueline Hill who appeared in this and in the first ever series of Who

Rating: 6/10

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