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Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: Film Review

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: Film Review

Cast: Jamie Bell, Annette Bening, Julie Walters, Vanessa Redgrave
Director: Paul McGuigan

Lauded for Annette Bening's performance as the fading Hollywood star Gloria Grahame, the play-like Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool benefits more from a career-best performance by Billy Elliott's Jamie Bell as her former lover Peter Turner.
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: Film Review

Adapted from Turner's memoir about the relationship, the film follows Turner's reflections on their relationship as he looks after her in her dying days.

When Grahame collapses backstage at a performance of The Glass Menagerie, Turner is called - and despite his initial reticence, he brings Grahame back to his Liverpool home - wonderfully populated by Julie Walter's spot-on mother.

As the end grows nearer for Grahame, Turner is conflicted by the bittersweet recollections - and the audience is regaled with them, taken to dizzying highs before the ebb of the crushing lows swallows all.
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: Film Review

Opening with old style film credits, as the celluloid ripples through shutters, the film's very much got the feel of a two-hander play and shifts between scenes are beautifully handled as they blend into each other.

It's a biopic at heart, and while there is an argument to be made that little happens and the characters are kept at their most basic, there's also enough to be said about the arc that Bening imbues Grahame with in her twilight years and the range of emotions that Bell conveys as Turner.

As the film shifts into conventional weepie territory at the end, the tour de forces are slightly dulled by the narrative necessities and conflicts that play out.

But what transpires prior to this, is bested by a quiet intensity of Bell's portrayal as his part in a doomed relationship. It's a turn that gives Bell one of his chances to provide an extremely strong turn - and he doesn't remotely disappoint.

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool is never better than when it follows the giddy highs of their relationship, from the backstage betrayals to the jealousies of Hollywood's scene - there's more than enough here to give you a feeling of the time (particularly thanks to the use of actual Grahame footage).
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: Film Review

There are whipsmart tart moments in the dialogue which greatly help the melancholy feel of the film and give Bening's 50s screen siren a hint of sadness.

But in the final stretch, the film forsakes actions in favour of words, leading to the feeling of exposition in among the love story that drags the fresher approach of an older relationship down a notch.

Ultimately, Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool is powered by Bell's performance; it may be his co-star's twilight luvvie turn which is getting the adulation, but Bell's commitment and depth to the role guarantees the film its emotional core throughout.

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Jigsaw: DVD Review

Jigsaw: DVD Review

Seven years after the last outing for the slightly insane and warped logic of John Kramer, the Saw series returns with an attempt to dust off the legacy and restart the whole thing as we get asked to play a game again.
Jigsaw: Film Review

This time around, and once again treading familiar ground, Daybreakers and Predestination directors The Spierig Brothers bring their take to the grubby grimy series.

A group of apparently unconnected people, five in number, wake up inside a barn, with Ned Kelly-esque buckets on their head and chained to a wall. As the chains fire up, they're headed towards buzzsaws whirring violently away. Suddenly, the voice of John Kramer offers them a chance to redeem themselves....

Elsewhere with the discovery of the bodies, a group of detectives begin a quest to try and save them before it's too late.

Jigsaw: Film Review

With its truth will set you free ethos and its emphasis a little more on redemption, Jigsaw goes back to the series' roots in some ways, as the twisted games play out.

It's good to see that rather than simply concentrating on the torture porn, Jigsaw presents a course of logic that at least makes some sense to the reason why Jigsaw came to be - rather than simply imperil people for no real reason.

The problem is that due to lack of any reason to care about the five placed in danger and a distinct lack of tension makes Jigsaw difficult to invest in; the traps this time feel rote and lack a degree of deviousness that previous installments had going for them.

A lot of time is spent in a medical lab as well, giving this a feel of CSI: Saw rather than anything else. And despite a twist at the end (unsurprisingly), Jigsaw feels slightly redundant if it's trying to reboot the franchise and kick it all off again.

Jigsaw: Film Review

Ultimately, like most Jigsaws over time, this one is missing a few pieces, meaning that the final product feels unfinished and only hints at what could have been. 

Monday, 26 February 2018

Monster Hunter World: PS4 Review

Monster Hunter World: PS4 Review

Developed by Capcom
Platform: PS4

Kill or trap monsters - that's the very simple MO at the core of this eminently playable game that's likely to suck up as much of your time as it is offer you frustrations.
Monster Hunter World: PS4 Review

For those unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter series and the collective explosion that this latest version caused online with its announcement, the raison d'etre is simple - hunt monsters, loot them, retool up and craft weapons and armour to ensure the next hunt doesn't see you picked off.

Basically dropping you into the New World, you're a hunter, a part of the Fifth Fleet, summoned by a Research Commission to take your place in the New World and help capture and re-settle.

On your way to this, the ship you and your Palico ( a customisable cat character who comes and helps you on your fights) are thrown overboard during a meeting with a major sea creature.

As you make your way to land and are gradually reuinted with the other elements of the Fifth Fleet, the New World comes into focus - and the quests begin.
Monster Hunter World: PS4 Review

Monster Hunter: World is a bit of a grind, in the way that Destiny and others of its ilk are.

From basic early quests to preparing to go out, via a canteen visit, there's a degree of necessity over what must be done to survive.

But once you get into the greenery, the world comes alive - and the challenges begin.

An ever-evolving beast, the world proffers up as much interest as you're willing to put patience into.

The wonderful looking and weird creatures aren't easy to take down - like any wildlife they adapt and take you on as much as you face off with them. Weapons have 14 different classes to evolve through and there's a definite feeling of reward inherent in the game.
Monster Hunter World: PS4 Review

However, it's the details of customisation to the levels of realisation of the New World that make
Monster Hunter: World a game to delve into - it's not like these detract from the game, but the desire to make it so personal to you pays off dividends for Capcom with there being an ongoing feeling of investment.

Ultimately, Monster Hunter: World is something to sink your teeth into - and while the patience may not be for the quick fix looking for thrills in an open world environment, there are more reasons than not to evolve with it.

Final story chapter of Little Nightmares Secret of the Maw unleashed

Final story chapter of Little Nightmares Secret of the Maw unleashed



BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is happy to announce the release of The Residence the third and final chapter of Secrets of The Maw. In the first two chapters The Depths and The Hideaway the Runaway Kid successfully eluded the wrath of the Granny and learned about the history of the Nomes. The Residence pits the Kid against the mysterious Lady. Included in the Expansion Pass of the critically-acclaimed game LITTLE NIGHTMARES by Tarsier Studios, The Residence is available today on PlayStation®Network, Xbox Live Store, STEAM®, and other PC distributors.

A new video shows the gloomy lair of the Lady and new, frightening enemies that the player has to escape from. Evading the shadow monsters summoned by the Lady and solving deadly puzzles will be the only way to survive this luxurious house of dread. Armed only with his flashlight, the Kid will have to repel the nightmarish illusions and dodge the traps set in the twisted library to finally shed a light on the darkest secrets of The Maw.

LITTLE NIGHTMARES is available in digital and physical form on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, STEAM and for PC. The expansion Pass LITTLE NIGHTMARES Secrets of The Maw with three new stories paralleling the journey of Six can be purchased on Steam, GOG, PlayStation®Network and XboxLive. The Complete Edition including the base game and the Expansion Pack is also available for purchase across the named platforms.




SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET, a unique hybrid shooter and action role-playing game is now available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC Digital Via STEAM™. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is proud to celebrate the launch with a brand new trailer!

Become the hero of Gun Gale Online in the latest game of the SAO franchise in SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET. Step into the versatile landscapes and environments of Gun Gale Online with unique and realistic designs resembling something out of a sci-fi movie and numerous other weapons and fighting styles to choose from. Interact with characters from the Sword Art Online original novels, anime and previous games as you navigate a world that is vastly personalized and visually enhanced. Play as the protagonist, battle against opponents using new weapons and further customize gameplay by creating skills and abilities. Full dive into SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET!

·        Welcome to the World of Guns – Gun Gale Online from Sword Art Online II is visually enhanced and diverse with many landscapes to discover in an all new original story supervised by series creator, Reki Kawahara
·        Unreal Visuals – Get lost in a lifelike world developed by Dimps with realistic and robust environments and textures made possible by Unreal Engine 4
·        Friend or Foe – Challenge tough bosses that require friends in co-op or play against them in 4-on- 4 battles.
·        Realistic and Heroic Gun play – Plenty of one-of-a-kind and beautifully designed weapons to choose from and unique skills to create
·        New to XBOX ONE – Sword Art Online will come to XBOX ONE, PC Digital and PS4 simultaneously for the first time in the history of the popular gaming series.

Another good news for fans. For those who have pre-ordered SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET for PC via STEAM will be able to receive automatically on March 23rd their free copy of Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment on STEAM. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment will also be available later for purchase on STEAM. More details regarding the paid version of this title will be available at a later date.

SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET is available simultaneously for the first time on PlayStation4, Xbox One, PC Digital via STEAM and other distributors.





Team Up in Co-Op Mode to Bring the Popular Maze Chase to New Heights for Twice the Fun

Leading anime video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe today announced the launch of PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition 2 PLUS, now available for Nintendo Switch™. Players will experience the critically-acclaimed retro arcade game reimagined with brilliant neon visuals and eye-popping, high-resolution 3D graphics on Nintendo’s hybrid console. The game includes PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2, which was previously released in 2016, and will also have an exclusive two player co-op mode called PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS2P for twice the fun!

The PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS 2P mode gives players an opportunity to team up and play on a single Nintendo Switch, with each player controlling their PAC-MAN character on a single Joy-Con™. When one player gets caught by a ghost, the other player can come to the rescue. Players can also work together and use special co-op maneuvers to weave through the mazes and chomp their way to exciting boss battles.

PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS would not be complete without the return of PAC-MAN’s famous ghosts; Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde who will trail ferociously behind PAC-MAN as he gorges on precious Pac Dots. The game features a variety of modes to play at home or on the go, such as Score Attack and Adventure mode! Players can compete for the top spot on the leaderboards and strive to beat their high scores. PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS elevates the classic maze chase action and gameplay with fast fleeing fruit, remixed rules, and more!

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The Inpatient: PSVR Review

The Inpatient: PSVR Review

Released by Supermassive Games
Platform: PSVR

Until Dawn was a great title.
The Inpatient: PSVR Review

A clever one that used the Butterfly Effect to branch its DNA through the core gameplay, its horror edges made you feel like you were part of a film, albeit watching a scary movie from the sidelines.

Buoyed by the commercial success of the multi-narrative game, Supermassive Games have returned to the world they created with this prequel that's set within Blackwood Sanatorium, a place very familiar to those who experienced Until Dawn.

Taking the part of an amnesiac patient, you get to be part of the Sanatorium's world and scrabbling desperately to retain the important memories needed.
The Inpatient: PSVR Review

In many ways, it's the stock standard use of horror tropes throughout, and the deployment of VR to provide the requisite jump scares.

But yet, The Inpatient manages to use the microphone of the VR to help you engage with the game - with other NPCs reacting to it as you choose which of the dialogue options you want to voice (the branching narrative of the game itself) and placing you in more abject terror as time goes by.

Much like the first Until Dawn and the VR spinoff Rush of Blood, The Inpatient's graphics are excellent, a clever and deeply immersive etching of faces which bring the world vividly to life.

As emotions drip through the characters, you'll find yourself more engaged with the goings on and may actually find yourself completely lost in the world within and the quest to get your memories back.

The game may have a short run time (a few hours, which is probably good given the VR experience generally) but the encouragement to play again and follow different paths make it worth a second run through.
The Inpatient: PSVR Review

There are a few movement issues here and there, but nothing that's not in keeping with what VR is experiencing and with the technology struggling to map a virtual world and unnatural movements.

But all up, The Inpatient is another sign that experience is important for VR.

(Now if only they could move away from so many horror games and develop it a bit deeper in terms of entertainment, this truly could be VR's year.)

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Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS4 Review

Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS4 Review

Released by Bandai Namco
Platform: PS4
Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS4 Review

If you've ever wondered what Dragon Ball Z is about, this is not the game for you.
Bandai Namco's ambitious fighter embraces both the online and offline world for those interested in spinning a line through Goku's adventures.

Teaming up with his friends Goku has to fight a revived Android 16 and a slew of androids made to look and behave like them in a series of smackdowns initiated by their appearance.
Dragon Ball FighterZ is really a game that actually does what you'd expect from it.

A sort of anime Tekken/ Street Fighter hybrid, the game's desire to have you relive long scenes of anime interspersed with brutal fights and mano-a-mano smackdowns may seem like a challenge to some.

But what emerges from Dragon Ball FighterZ is really a love letter to the series and to Goku.
Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS4 Review

It may be a touch alienating to those uninitiated with the series itself, and certainly with the long character cut-scenes within the main story of the game, there's a lot that feels like it's pandering to the fans, with apparent in game nods to the show and what's gone before.

In many ways, that labour of love is a good thing - as anything weaker than that would sell the game and the franchise short.

Fighting is much like the usual in these sorts of games - a combination of meshing buttons and stringing attacks together, be they heavy, mild or otherwise, the rushing attacks can mean a fight is over quicker than anticipated.

But given there are three rounds in each fight, sometimes, that's not a bad thing.

Online, the game's connectivity limits itself to Oceania, meaning servers are Australian and sometimes suffer from cconnection issues as well as match-making.
Dragon Ball FighterZ: PS4 Review

But when it works, it does so swimmingly and flawlessly, a sign that online fighting is still the way to go with these kinds of titles.

Ultimately, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a credit to its namesake.

As a piece of arcade smack-em-ups, it's certainly got the fighting chops to tackle the best of them - and while the reliance on the Dragon Ball Z world may struggle to make this fighter as widely loved as perhaps it should be, its slavish devotion to Goku's world and those who orbit may make it an anime-themed gaming KO.

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Detroit: DVD Review

Detroit: DVD Review

Reuniting Zero Dark Thirty's team in the form of director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal proves in part to be potent for Detroit.

Detroit: Film Review

Centred around the summer of 1967 and the riots which hit the Detroit African American population, Bigelow's film finds its focus in one pivotal moment - a motel raid which spirals out of control, and police abused their power.

Boyega plays a security guard, treading a dangerous line between keeping the cops on side and sympathising and saving others from being caught in the riot; whereas Poulter plays a cop, whose momentary lapse early on when he shoots a fleeing man in the back seems to set his moral compass distinctly awry.

The film uses its NYPD Blue style shaky cam to good effect early on, throwing you slap bang into the middle of the riots and the urgency and danger of the situation. But the film hits the skids to centre its actions on the Algiers Hotel, and sacrifices the space it's created for a claustrophobic and unflinchingly difficult section within.

Detroit: Film Review

Against a backdrop of Motown uniting people and then suddenly dividing those caught within, the discomfort is palpable, even if one of the cops within the actual event feels like a lazy stereotype. It's a shame given the work done in the run up to the event with Poulter's character feeling a little more multi-faceted than his closeted hatred would demonstrate.

While the back half of the film and its PTSD approach and subsequent trial feel a little more disjointed and discombobulated, its first half, warzone and all,  is painful watching  made ever more disgusting by the fact this is no fiction, but a reality that occurred.
Detroit: Film ReviewDetroit's searing strength lies in its mid-section execution, an interlude of pure hatred and abuse of power that's so tautly executed, it feels like a modern day horror sequence, guaranteed to leave you with your mouth agog in horror.

Ultimately, it's the little moments and the ripples of after effects in Detroit which make it, for the large part, so compelling.

Perhaps timely given the social divides we currently face and equivocally appalling, Detroit's light-the-touch-paper-and-stand-back execution of events makes it a livewire event that slightly fizzes in the back third. 

Win a double pass to see THE MERCY

Win a double pass to see THE MERCY

Following his Academy Award® nominated film The Theory of Everything, James Marsh directs the incredible true story of Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth), an amateur sailor who competed in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in the hope of becoming the first person in history to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe without stopping.

With an unfinished boat and his business and house on the line, Donald leaves his wife, Clare (Rachel Weisz) and their children behind, hesitantly embarking on an adventure on his boat the Teignmouth Electron.

The Mercy is in cinemas March 8th

The Mercy

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New Code Vein assets showing newly announced co-operative multiplyaer mode now avaialble to download

New Code Vein assets showing newly announced co-operative multiplyaer mode now avaialble to download


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe released new screenshots for its upcoming action RPG title, CODE VEIN, available this year for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC via STEAM. The new screens show off a first look at the game’s online multiplayer mode as well as two new characters; Cruz and Karen.
Code Vein

CODE VEIN gives players the chance to answer requests for help from other Revenants finding difficulty battling against the Lost. Explore and defeat the enemies lurking through each dungeon with your A.I. companion and another human player to get through difficult areas of the game. Players can communicate through a combination of gestures, stamps and voice commands for added communication and teamwork.

Two new characters have been announced for CODE VEIN; Karen and Cruz. Karen is the older sister of Louis who passed away but was revived as a Revenant. Her job is to take care of and support Revenants in battle. Cruz has withstood horrific experiments in an attempt to save mankind. However, under the intense pressure of unsuccessful experiment, she became a destruction incarnate within the world of CODE VEIN due to complex matters.

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ roster gets an exciting update with Broly and Bardock to join the roster!

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ roster gets an exciting update with Broly and Bardock to join the roster!


Broly and Bardock are the latest fighters to join the spectacular fighting game’s ever-expanding roster
DRAGON BALL FighterZ takes the fighting genre to a whole new level, thanks to beloved characters from the well-known franchise and an immaculate gameplay flow. Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is proud to unveil the first new paid content with Broly and Bardock that will join the fight. These two new characters are part of the FighterZ Pass which includes a total of 8 characters.

Broly is one of the last survivors of Frieza’s attack on Planet Vegeta that eliminated almost all Saiyans. The Legendary Super Saiyan’s huge physique grants his attacks an impressive reach and enormous power. His Meteor Ultimate Attack Gigantic Meteor lets him hover over his opponent and instantly unleash a huge blast of energy.
The father of Radditz and Goku, Bardock has perfected his skills as a mighty warrior in numerous battles – a character that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Extending his combos takes skill, but his invincible and deadly rush attacks are extremely difficult to counter. His Meteor Ultimate Attack turns Bardock into a Super Saiyan, channeling the might of the mysterious alien race.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs via STEAM and other distributors.

ONRUSH First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

ONRUSH First Gameplay Trailer Revealed




Codemasters have today released a new gameplay trailer for ONRUSH, the action packed, arcade racer that will smash its way onto the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One on 5th June 2018. The new trailer, available to view now at, showcases the game’s bold and vibrant approach to racing with thrilling boosts, insane jumps and incredible takedowns.

Designed to keep players always in the action, ONRUSH is a celebration of sensational speed, outright fun and over the top spectacle. Players battle it out on track to power up their RUSH meter which enables them to unleash the ultimate manifestation of boost and power as they wreak havoc on their opponents by performing death defying takedowns and stunts.

There are eight vehicle classes in ONRUSH, each of which has its own unique style, feel and advantages. This includes the vehicle’s RUSH state with each class having different effects and abilities that can help their side claim the victory.

Developed by the new Codemasters development team in Cheshire, UK (formerly Evolution Studios), ONRUSH is not about racing to the finish line. Racing with style and flair is what counts as you perform incredible takedowns and put everything on the line in order to power up your all-important RUSH bar.

ONRUSH will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on 5th June 2018. For more information about the game, visit Fans can keep up to date with all the latest news by joining our communities on FacebookTwitter and Reddit.



This Marks the First EA Title Remastered for this Generation of Consoles and Includes Content from the Original Base Game and DLC*
Criterion Games, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced Burnout™ Paradise Remastered will become available March 16th, 2018 on the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, inviting players to wreak havoc and unleash automotive anarchy once more.

Players will be transported back into the world of Paradise City to tear it up in the ultimate driving playground, from hectic downtown avenues to the wild mountain roads.

Pull off high-octane stunts and create insane car destruction in one of the greatest arcade-driving games ever created.

Experience Ancient Egypt With The Discovery Tour By Assassin’s Creed

Experience Ancient Egypt With The Discovery Tour By Assassin’s Creed

History Is Everyone’s Playground With This New Educational Tool

SYDNEY, Australia  — February 20, 2018 — Ubisoft’s Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt is a new educational and entertaining tool which lets anyone explore the entire interactive 3D recreation of Ancient Egypt in Assassin’s Creed Origins free of conflict, time pressure or gameplay constraints. The Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt releases from tomorrow on PS4, Xbox and PC at no cost for all owners of the Assassin’s Creed Origins game. It will also be available independently from the game on PC via the Uplay and Steam platforms.
Click image below to view trailer.

From Alexandria to Memphis, the Nile Delta to the Sand Sea, the Giza plateau to the Faiyum Oasis, the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt lets visitors either explore the rich world of Ancient Egypt at their will or follow the 75 themed tours devised by Ubisoft’s creative teams in collaboration with History experts and Egyptologists. “With the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, we give the chance to everyone interested in Ancient Egypt to enjoy the beauty of it and realize that video games can be a source of inspiring knowledge” explains Jean Guesdon, Creative Director of Assassin’s Creed Origins and the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt.

Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt is a unique experience at the intersection of entertainment and learning. Interactivity, specific to the world of videogames, is at the heart of the experience, creating strong engagement with the content. This makes the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt a completely new type of edutainment tool. “We’ve been in touch with teachers from the very first instalment of Assassin’s Creed games about ten years back. Many of them already used the games during their History classes but soon came to realize that what they needed was an easily accessible educative tool based in our historical reconstructions,” explains Maxime Durand, in-house Historian at Ubisoft Montreal. “With the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt you can visualize and understand thousands of things from Egyptian history in their actual context. As both a game and a learning tool, it is quite a unique asset for teachers to integrate as part of their history classes.”

Overwatch Contenders launches in Australia and New Zealand

Overwatch Contenders launches in Australia and New Zealand


Overwatch Contenders launches in Australia and New Zealand

Aspiring Overwatch pros in Australia and New Zealand have a new platform to test their mettle with the launch of Overwatch Contenders.

With money on the line for every match, Overwatch Contenders is the first semi-professional league aimed at showcasing the top players in Australia and New Zealand. Local talent will have the opportunity to play against the best in the region and potentially gain the attention of scouts from some of the world’s leading teams.

There will be three Overwatch Contenders seasons during 2018, with a total local prize pool of $150,000 USD per year.

For more information on Season 1 of Overwatch Contenders Australia, including teams, scheduling and more, check out our brand new website: The full local schedule will be updated shortly.

For more background on about Overwatch Contenders globally, check out our latest blog:  

Australian competition begins 11 March, 2018 AEDT/NZDT, with all the action live-streamed from 2:00pm AEDT/4:00pm NZDT at: Every game will be live-streamed each week moving forward, so be sure to tune in.

The top eight teams in Open Division have automatically qualified for Overwatch Contenders Australia positions, with Contenders Trials currently underway to determine the final four.

The eight Overwatch Contenders teams confirmed so far are:

  • Legacy
  • Kings GC
  • Your Name Here
  • cmonBruh
  • ViewSonic.DarkSided
  • Masterminds GC
  • Kanga Esports
  • Alter Ego

Goodbye Christopher Robin: DVD Review

Goodbye Christopher Robin: DVD Review

Very much a warts and all portrayal of one of the world's most famous children's icons, Goodbye Christopher Robin is a cautionary tale about the damage done to others by fame and neglect.
Goodbye Christopher Robin: Film Review

With a strong anti-war message, Goodbye Christopher Robin is the story of the playwright A A Milne (Gleeson, sombre and at times, drawn) whose London arty life is irrevocably changed when he returns from the first Great War.

Shell-shocked and sleep-walking through life, Milne, along with his flapper wife Daphne (Robbie in chocks away mode) relocate to the English countryside after their first child is born.

Milne believes the countryside will inspire his anti-war writing, but Daphne, disappointed at birthing a boy rather than a girl and fearing he will be conscripted, stays in London to party and forget the perils.

Left alone with Christopher Robin and forced to take on the kid when nanny Olive (Macdonald, the film's heart and vocal conscience) has to look after her ill mother, the pair bond as young Christopher helps him through post-war life and yearns for a father.

Goodbye Christopher Robin: Film Review

As the duo spend more time together, the whimsical world of Winnie The Pooh is born - and despite AA Milne saying the story would be for his son, it soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon, leading to an even stronger sense of estrangement in the Milne family.

Served with a large degree of as much sugariness as Pooh's beloved honey, Goodbye Christopher Robin comes dangerously close to over-egging the pudding at times, with the mawkish manipulation being piled on to occasionally over-bearing moments.

With the saccharine overdose being largely confined to the dimple-faced moppet playing young Christopher Robin and his fatherly interactions, there's little insight into what fully led to the bear's creation other than some downpat broad brush strokes applied to the stiffly-starched English accents and rather withdrawn adult acting.

And yet, bizarrely and equally so, the sense of detachment and the underlying sadness of lives wrecked within (Milne's PTSD haunts him at every turn, wife Daphne's denial pushes her to seek solace in London away from the boy she could lose and son Christopher's growing resentment over the fame he's handed and the lack of familial attachment) really hint at the dark story underneath it all.

Goodbye Christopher Robin: Film Review

This is perhaps Goodbye Christopher Robin's strength - it's not a film that celebrates an icon in many ways.

If anything, it shows a deeply tragic personal correlation between fame and its cost.

Pre-reality shows and post war with England aching for a return to more optimistic times, this is a harrowing introspective look at the trappings and perils of the creative world.

It puts a uniquely human spin (albeit occasionally laden with a spoon rather than a dollop) on proceedings and deserves to be saluted so.

Perhaps if some of the sentiment hadn't been ladelled on with such heft, this immensely thoughtful biopic could have been intensely more emotionally satisfying. 

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