Monday, 18 May 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers: Movie Review

Lesbian Vampire Killers: Movie Review

Rating: 6/10
Cast: James Corden, Mathew Horne, Paul McGann, MyAnna Buring, Lesbian Vampires
Director: Phil Claydon
Jimmy (Horne) and Fletch (Corden) are English no hopers; loser lads whose lives aren't going the way they should.
Jimmy's been dumped by his missus (after countless prior dumpings by her) and Fletch has just been given the push from his job as a clown.
Broke and down on their luck, they decide to head off on a hiking holiday (as they can't afford to go abroad) and end up in Cragwich Forest in deepest darkest England.
Things start to look up when they hook up with a quartet of young girls who seem to be up for a bit of partying and hooking up.
However, what they don't know is that the women of that village are cursed, doomed to become lesbian vampires at the age of 18&.and that Jimmy's got a part to play in an ancient curse.
Look, let's face it - if you title a film Lesbian Vampire Killers, it's pretty clear what market you're aiming for (for those of you struggling it's the lads and teen boys market) - and this film unashamedly pitches its camp squarely in those quarters.
Despite that, it's actually pretty funny in parts - and the majority of that is down to James Corden's Fletch.
Given the lion's share of the best comments, Corden is the Eric Morecambe to Mathew Horne's Ernie Wise.
The pair have an easy chemistry - and if you're a fan of them from TV ONE's Gavin and Stacey, you'll probably just see their characters as an extension of those two - Horne's the straight man who stares into the camera a lot with a resigned look on his face and Corden's the goofy mate who's always up for it.
The film itself stylistically looks brilliant - it's slightly drained of colour on screen and has a comic book feel (right down to titles plastered over the screen in parts) which suit it perfectly.
It also doesn't appear to take itself too seriously - Paul McGann as the vicar delivers a great performance, full of pomposity and occasional swearing (much to Fletch's mirth).

LVK won't shake the vampire genre on its head and it plays to pretty much softcore versions of lesbians and vampires (the vampires spend most of their time hissing and waving their hands about or making out), but if you're willing to check your brains at the door and just have 90 minutes of fun, this is a perfect night out.

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