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Elegy: DVD Review

Elegy: DVD Review

Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment
Rating: M

Cast: Penelope Cruz, Ben Kingsley, Dennis Hopper, Patricia Clarkson
New York college professor David Kepesh (Kingsley) appears to have it all - an easy 20 year long no strings attached relationship with a former student (Clarkson); a friend George O'Hearn (Hopper) who's always there for him.
But one day his world is completely changed by Cuban Consuela Castillo (Penelope Cruz) whom he meets in one of his classes.
Determined to have her, he pursues her and they end up involved in a passionate relationship which ignites feelings of possessiveness in Kepesh, who's secretly worried she will leave him because he's 30 years her senior.
However, the effects of their dalliance are long lasting - and devastating.
Based on the book The Dying Animal by Philip Roth, Elegy deals with the reality of growing old and of self worth.
It's supposed to be an engrossing examination of uncertainty and of instability - but it's ruined by the complete lack of chemistry between leads, Cruz and Kingsley.
Although they're supposed to have a passionate relationship, this lack of anything tangible between the two of them affects the overall feel of the film - and ultimately derails its central message.
It's also painfully slow - and whilst that sometimes allows for character development, I actually ended up feeling the film needed to hurry along as I was starting to get somewhat depressed by the way it all unfolded.
While I appreciate what Elegy was trying to do and deliver a meditation of life, lust and love, it feels a little at times as if Coxiet lost her way.
Some may find Elegy engrossing but others may feel some books don't translate well to the screen.
Extras: None

Rating: 4/10

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