Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Buried: Blu Ray Review

Buried: Blu Ray Review

Released by Warner Home Video

Ryan Reynolds stars in this claustrophobic thriller where the clock is ticking in a deadly race against time.

Reynolds is Paul Conroy, an American truck driver in Iraq who awakes to find himself trapped in a coffin with only a cellphone, a few pens and a lighter for company.

As Conroy comes round, he begins to realize the horror of the situation; namely that he's buried alive, with no idea where he is, why he's there and perhaps most importantly, how he's going to get out.
However, as he makes a series of desperate phone calls, he begins to piece together a potential escape plan. Things get more complicated when those who put him in the box call and make demands of him..can Conroy get it together in time and get out alive with time, oxygen and hope running out?

Buried is a good old fashioned thriller with an intriguing premise and a great sense of claustrophobia.

Every sound, every nuance is disorienting on the big screen in the dark - Conroy's frenzied panicked breathing puts you on the edge of your seat right away.

But what will keep you on the edge of that seat is Ryan Reynolds - what a performance in what is essentially a one man film. As the camera pans over Reynolds in his captivity, his every performance (whether it's the breathing or freaking out as he realizes how problematic his situation is) is pitch perfect.

Buried is a nervy mesmerizing treat - and a sign Ryan Reynolds is an underrated and extremely impressive talent.

Rating: 8/10

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