Thursday, 25 August 2011

Priest 3D: Movie Review

Priest 3D: Movie Review

Priest 3D
Rating: 5/10
Cast: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Maggie Q, Stephen Moyer
Director: Scott Charles Stewart
Paul Bettany and our very own Karl Urban star in this latest cinematic outing.
For centuries man has been at war with vampires. And with the vamps hunting them to near extinction, there was only ever one line of defence - the priests.
But after the vamps' defeat, the priests were abandoned and reintegrated back into society.
However, when an apparent vamp attack kills the brother of one nameless priest (Paul Bettany), he has no choice but to hunt down their daughter and break his vow, risking all out war...
Priest 3D (forget the 3D as this is another of those pointless conversions) isn't a bad attempt at a western crossed with vampires.
There's plenty of imagery from the wild west (including a final set piece on a train) and the bleached look of this post apocalyptic world, along with some quite cool comic style pre titles, give it a bit of different feel. But some wonky CGI and some frankly laughable dialogue see it unable to rise from the dead.
Which is a shame as Bettany is good as the monosyllabic priest and Nikita's Maggie Q and Karl Urban also are solid as supporting cast (even if the latter chews a bit too much of the scenery).

Ultimately, a case of stylish fight scenes and a great look over relative lack of substance and OTT scenes ( eg Urban air conducting an orchestra as carnage unfolds around him), Priest hints at a sequel but it would need to deal with the flaws of the first before it could ascend to higher things.

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