Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Game Review - Saints Row: The Third

Game Review - Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row - The Third
Rating: R18
Released by THQ
Sometimes, when you're playing a game, you really just have to put any grip on reality into the far recesses of your mind.
And with Saints Row - The Third, it's more about hyper reality than any other kind.
An open world action game - kind of like Grand Theft Auto in many ways, but a little more violent and intellectually lacking, Saints Row The Third is actually a hell of a lot of fun.
It begins with the Saints gang being forced into a neighbouring suburb and from there on, it's all on as the new gangs on the block find their quest for turf is to be threatened on many levels.
Sure, there's a series of missions and things to be done but man, you sure can have a blast (at times literally) doing them.
Saints Row - The Third doesn't really take itself too seriously; it's so over the top that it's ludicrous and any prudes will really not want to be playing a game like this. But to be brutally honest, it's pure intellectually challenged escapism, with character, humour and plenty of bang for your buck.
Within minutes of starting this game, you're plunged into scenarios which see you taking hostages and shooting your way out of situations as well as flying through the air trying to save colleagues and smashing through aeroplanes to try and land them. It's a real visceral thrill and engrossing right from the get go.
Throw in the chance to customize your characters, downloadable content, multiple outcomes for missions and the option to go online and have others involved in the mayhem and you've pretty much got a recipe for pure escapism and unlimited hours of juvenile entertainment.

Rating: 8/10

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