Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cedar Rapids: Blu Ray Review

Rating: R16
Released by Universal Home Ent

The Hangover's Ed Helms stars in this quirky little comedy piece about small town America.

Helms is shy and naive salesman Tim Lippe who heads into the big city for a convention for work - only while there he ends up meeting party animal Dean Ziegler (John C Reilly). Before Tim knows it, he's living outside his comfort zone, crashing parties, skinny dipping in the hotel pool and being seduced...

If you're expecting a raunchy flick, then you may be surprised. While there's a little of this within, it's a sweetly sly piece which sees Ed Helms impress with his comic muscles; likewise Reilly is watchable as the party guy. There's no real laugh out loud moments, but there are a lot of cute and sweet moments within. If you've seen Helm in The Office, you'll know exactly which character you're getting as his Lippe is an extension of character Andy.

Extras: Deleted scenes, gag reel, behind the scenes faux pieces


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