Sunday, 24 February 2013

Storage Wars: DVD Review

Storage Wars: DVD Review

Rating: G
Released by Magna Home Entertainment

It's a fiendishly simple idea.

Get together a group of guys, who all have a bit of cash and have them bid on the contents of locked storage lockers. Highest bidder wins and the deal is they then have to turn the contents of said locker into cash - if they can.

Storage Wars is an American reality show which concentrates its efforts on four main dealers - Darrell, Dave, Jarrod and Barry. All four of these have been in this game for some years and all have varying degrees of success - but all are determined to win as much as they can.

What's fascinating about Storage Wars is a combination of things - the contents of the lockers and the dynamics between the four guys; there's Dave, who seems to wind everyone up and bid up the price just because he can and then there's Jarrod, who's a newcomer to the game but always seems to be shut out.

It's an extremely addictive series too - three volumes are available right now and even though there's been accusations this show is faked by the producers with regards to the contents of the locker, it loses none of the impact of the vicarious thrills of seeing people stumble on something truly worth some good money.

Don't be surprised though if you start watching a few episodes and then find a few hours have gone by - it's that good and enjoyable.

Extras: None


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