Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Re: Core: XBox One Review

Re: Core: XBox One Review

Platform: XBox One
Developer: Comcept and Armature Studio

Melding a sort of Tomb Raider vibe while crossing it with some Force Awakens' style Rey heroine and throwing in a Ratchet and Clank ethos works for the large part of Re:Core.

Set on the far away colony of Far Eden, you are heroine Joule Adams, who awakens after a cryo-sleep to find that not everything is how it should be. With her trusty robot dog Mack by her side, you take control of Joule as she travels across Far Eden, trying to right what's gone wrong - and facing off against robot baddies in the sand.

Solving puzzles and taking on combat is essentially Re:Core's MO, a game of such fun, that even its hellishly long loading times can't diminish (Though the developer has revealed that these are strictly in their crosshairs and a forthcoming patch will fix this). As you power through the desert, the game's graphics truly stand out and the sandy world feels like the kind of place you'd easily re-visit.

But Re:Core is also about combat and pulling out the cores of the machines that attack you to help you either power up your own weapons or to take on the upgrades of Mack and other bits and bobs around the world. Facing off against enemies that have cores within them is all about ensuring a degree of combat strategy. Fight with different coloured weaponry to break down their defences and then grapple their cores out of them, it's a method that's both engaging and reflex provoking. Press too hard on the R3 stick and you'll end up snapping the robotic tug of war and falling flat on your ass.

There's a degree of repetition in the gameplay as the missions roll around, but it's enjoyable enough fluff as you battle flying bats, spider creatures and track down missing robots to help you in your quest.

Mixing platforming trials and light combat work well for Re:Core and while it may lack a little oomph to keep its place in the gaming pantheon as we head the triple A storm that hits this time of year, this XBox One exclusive is certainly a good way to spend the rainy school holidays.

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