Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Whisky Galore: Film Review

Whisky Galore: Film Review

Cast: Eddie Izzard, Gregor Fisher, Sean Biggerstaff, Ellie Kendrick
Director: Gillies MacKinnon

A remake of the 1949 Ealing classic of the same name, the 2017 version of Whisky Galore doesn't quite pack the same sweet punch.

At the height of the Second World War on the Scottish island of Eriskay, the islanders are shocked to find they've run dry. With no sign of any more rations of whisky on the way, the island begins to fall apart - but that all changes when a ship runs aground just off the coast. With the postmaster Macroon (Rab C Nesbitt star Gregor Fisher) discovering their cargo is whisky, a devious plot to steal the good stuff is put in place.

But the only thing standing in the islanders' way is the officious Captain Wagget (played by Eddie Izzard) as the battle of wits escalates.

Even though it's based on a true story, Whisky Galore is perhaps more suited to a home viewing than a big screen outing.

With its gentle broad slightly nostalgic humour and occasional am-dram performances, it does feel more like the blue rinse brigade will enjoy it more than a younger audience, who may feel some of its timings and pacings are a little slow at best.

Eddie Izzard's Wagget is extremely reminiscent of Dad's Army's Captain Mainwaring in terms of bumbling officiousness and self-pomposity but that's no bad thing.

There's a gentle calmness to proceedings but there's very little edge to what's happening - and some of the sub plot threads about Macroon's daughters getting married off aren't mined for the emotional depth and wistfulness they could provide.

All in all, Whisky Galore puts the dram in Am-dram, but it's not as intoxicating a shot of cinema to anyone other than an older audience, despite beautiful settings and an old school nostalgic vibe.

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