Friday, 3 February 2017

Gravity Rush 2: PS4 Review

Gravity Rush 2: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by SIE

Released first on the VITA, Gravity Rush was indeed a rush.

Using the combined touch capabilities and infusing it with a Manga comic aesthetic added a lot to the whole experience and made the game one of the few that helped the format stand out.

Remastered on the Ps4, the first game was still fun, but it was clearly a port of playable proportions.

With the sequel, it's all on for the console.

Picking up where the first game ended, the sequel returns you to the shoes of Kat but to start off with, minus her Gravity shifting cat.

Stranded on a floating clutch of ships (Howl's Moving Castle springs immediately to mind), Kat's helping work at mining the nearby rocks and under the minor dictatorship of the owners. But when Dusty the cat shows up, Kat gets her powers back.
And just as well, given that trouble lies ahead....

Gravity Rush 2 is a thrill, a game that builds on what the first game offered - a kooky playability and a different way of shifting the game spectrum around.

Adding in the ability for Kat to hurtle debris through the air as part of combat may be a little like inFamous, but it works where it needs to and can make a difference from repeatedly having to use the kick button to take down an enemy et al. But floating and attacking in the sky never gets old and the thrill is still there.

The hub city is beautifully rendered and really brings the wealth of personalities within to life. As the pages of the comic unfurl between chapters, it makes a unique USP for Gravity Rush.

But parts of the story feel occasionally repetitive and some of the missions certainly feel very familiar as it all builds to a climactic fight.
However, the smaller moments really stand out in the game, and Kat and Dusty make very likeable protagonists.

Ultimately, Gravity Rush 2 is a wonderfully colourful way of bringing a comic book to life without ever losing its true aesthetics. It may not have the novelty of its VITA outing, but it makes use of the PS4 engine without ever betraying its origins.

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