Saturday, 6 May 2017

MLB 17: The Show: PS4 Review

MLB 17: The Show: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Sony San Diego

There's something about baseball that clearly resonates.

Given the Minor League Baseball series is now on its 12th iteration, there had to be something done to keep the game relatively fresh. And thankfully by adding in something similar to FIFA 17's The Journey and NBA 2K's Path picker game, the concept's a little fresher than it was last time around.

Pave Your Path is the major plus side of the baseball simulation's outing this time around, adding in cutscenes to help you define your journey as you try to head to the top. Adding  in personality to the simulator is always a good thing, and many a sports sim has simply fallen by expecting the game mechanics and their relative facelessness to save the day.

But thankfully, the game mechanics are also impressive this time around, with a better representation of the AI and an improvement in the ball physics, the game plays easier than it should. And complete with a comprehensive list of teams and players, major fans of the game will be satiated with their desired choosings. The game's also more welcoming to non-baseball fans this year, ensuring that accessibility is also as important as the regular fans.

All in all, for a sports simulator to come out swinging as much as this one does nearly a decade on is a great thing. For those a bit reticent to the charms before, it's now time to step up to the plate.

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