Saturday, 20 January 2018

Monster Hunter World Beta back again

Monster Hunter World Beta back again

open beta 19–22 January
An epic journey awaits

Venture on quests and battle fearsome monsters in a living breathing ecosystem. Track, hunt, slay, loot and craft new weapons and armour on your journey to become the ultimate hunter.

• Explore an ever-changing terrain where the surrounding environment and wildlife can be used to your advantage.
• Hunt solo or with up to three other players from around the globe with seamless drop-in multiplayer co-op.
• Complete the exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn™ themed event quest to forge Aloy’s bow and full armour set along with machine armour for your Palico companion – available for free and only on PlayStation®4.

Pre-order now to get the Origin Set, Fair Wind Charm and special theme for your PS4™.

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