Monday, 15 October 2018

Mega Man 11: PS4 Review

Mega Man 11: PS4 Review

Released by Capcom
Platform: PS4

The little blue battler boy is back in Mega-Man 11, which began all the way back in 1987.
Bringing back both voice acting and a graphic style from the past, it's up to you as Mega-Man to stop Dr Wily from taking you down.
Mega Man 11: PS4 Review

Through a series of eight stages, the Mega Man faces off against Dr Wily's newest Robot Masters - from the likes of Block Man, Blast Man to Acid Man, after they've been captured and corrupted by the Doc.

Using a double gears system which takes in the chance to slow things down as well as fire a massive shot at a cost of some serious energy. And you'll need these skills, because to be frank, Mega Man 11 is pretty tough platforming, no matter what setting you put it on.
Mega Man 11: PS4 Review

And that's frustrating in many ways, as the various checkpoints scattered around aren't exactly the best either. The 2.5D graphics pop off the screen, and while the cut scenes become somewhat irritating, it's nothing to the frustration you'll feel trying to complete levels. Timing problems, miscalculating a jump, failing to duck when you should dive - they're all here for Mega Man to fail spectacularly.

But if you're after a kind of old school platforming challenge like the first Crash Bandicoot gave you, then to be honest, Mega Man 11 will scratch your itch. And bring you out in a nervous rash.
Mega Man 11: PS4 Review

Hard and not quite rewarding enough for the completion, Mega Man's retro looks betray a tortuous gameplay that's almost sadistic in its execution. Long levels make death a real chore, and while games shouldn't pander, Mega Man 11's commitment to driving you crazy is both commendable and frustrating in equal measure.

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