Monday, 27 October 2014

Justified: Season 4 : Blu Ray Review

Justified: Season 4 : Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Sony Home Ent

In the latest season of the much under-rated Justified, Timothy Olyphant's Deputy US Marshal Raylan faces more problems.

This time though, it's a 30 year old mystery that he has to tackle after a bag linked to a man who slammed into the ground thanks to a defective parachute causes all manner of complications.

Based on Elmore Leonard's novels, this gritty series works because of Timothy Olyphant's portrayal of the sheriff who delivers justice in his own way. It also works because of the smart dialogue and way the story is etched out over a season length. It's worth bearing with these residents of Harland as the story envelops to see how crime novels should be best adapted.

Worth a saunter down for a TV binge.


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