Thursday, 9 October 2014

We Are The Best: Movie Review

We Are The Best: Movie Review

Cast: Mira Barkhammer, Mira Groslin, Liv Lemoyne
Director: Lukas Moodysson

Coming of age mixes with punk rock in this 1980s set drama about 3 girls discovering themselves and their voices.

Based on a graphic novel, the film centres on the friendship between two tomboyish girls Bobo and Klara (Barkhammar and Groslin respectively) who find their mutual dislike of their surroundings, gym times and life in general a boon to their budding relationship.

One day, on the spur of the moment, the duo decide to spark up a band, with no real talent or inclination to practise. However, when the pair spot fellow outcast but diametrically / ethically opposed to them Hedvig (Lemoyne), a Christian classical guitar player, they see an opportunity to get the band the lead it needs.

And from then on, the girls are simply after some form of recognition and musical domination.

We Are The Best is an infectiously fun story, executed with flawless child logic and heart by the script writers and Moodysson. It helps that they have an eminently watchable trio of young leads, who perfectly embody the youngsters' joie de vivre in manner that's potently watchable throughout.

There are some tender moments too, as well as moments of humour and child-like defiance - as well as a well-worn romantic subplot. From life, love and punk music, We Are The Best builds to a climactic gig, that may surprise those expecting a predictably routine end to this story.

But We Are The Best is not about the final moments; it's a journey of discovery, of common bonds for young outsiders and common grounds for potential clashes, but a film that relies on a lightness, a sense of humour, charm and a dollop of heart to get it through.


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